Kink.com was founded by bondage enthusiast Peter Acworth in 1997. Kink.com’s central offices are located in the San Francisco Armory, and we invite anyone interested to take a tour.


We demystify and celebrate alternative sexualities by providing the most authentic kinky experiences.


We uphold a safe, sane and consensual environment.
We provide a fun workplace which stimulates innovation and creativity.
We operate with honesty and integrity.
We treat one another with professionalism and respect.
We foster collaboration while maintaining individual accountability.
We encourage candid, direct feedback.
We are proud of who we are, what we do, and how we do it.

Business Practices

Kink.com as an employer

Kink.com is an equal opportunities employer. Our 100+ employees include 40% women, a diverse mix of communities of color, and a strong representation from the LGBTQQ communities.
Employees are well paid and receive full benefits: Medical, Dental, Vision and employer matched 401K.
Kink.com usually hires production staff at the entry level, and provides a career path with training.
Kink.com has an unusually low turnover of employees.

Treatment of Models

Kink.com has a reputation in the adult entertainment industry for respectful and fair treatment of models. Kink.com complies with all laws regarding treatment and age identification of models. The following list shows some of the other ways Kink.com has worked to gain this very good reputation:

Clean, safe working conditions that comply with all OSHA requirements
Models are given explicit rights
Directors are given explicit rules
Models are well paid and treated as professionals.

Commitment to Community

One of Kink.com’s previous offices on 8th st. was rented to the operators of the SF Citadel at below market rent to help give this valuable community center a start. (This building was since sold to help pay for the Armory. The SF Citadel now operates out of their own building).
Kink.com has long term plans to transform the Drill Court area of the Armory into a place of public assembly for events benefiting local communities.